Fit Weightlifting

Fit is your weightlifting logbook and automated calculator. It is the best way to keep track of your workout progress and reach your fitness goals.

Your Fitness - Improved

As you workout enter the weight and repetitions you do for each exercise. Fit does the rest for you, calculating the calories you burned, your one rep max, and the total volume of weight you moved.

Lightning Record Entry

Keeping track of your workout shouldn't negativly affect... your workout! With predictive input based on previous sets you've done, Fit is designed to get your records entered fast so you can get back to your workout.

Apple Watch Support

Redesigned to work beautifully on your Apple Watch, now with Watch OS 2 you can track your workout and leave your phone at home. The data will sync with your iPhone the next time they are within range of each other.

HealthKit Integration

Fit integrates directly with HealthKit, logging your Active Calories Burned, Heart Rate, and Workouts to the Health App. Fit also uses your existing health data to improve its Active Calories Burned calculations.

Notification Center

Fit comes with two Notification Center widgets. The first is a light version of the dashboard so you can keep up to date on your most important goals. The second compares how you did on today's lifts vs the same day last week - because the best person to compete against is yourself.

iCloud Integration

Ever use an iPod or iPad in addition to your iPhone to keep track of your workouts? Keep your data in sync on your iOS devices with iCloud. Currently, this feature syncs your custom exercises and exercise records. More iCloud syncing coming soon!

You can also access your iCloud data on the web. Just login with your iCloud account here.

Vizualize Your Progress

That which gets measured gets improved, and Fit makes it easy to see your improvement. From charts and graphs to goal progress bars, Fit keeps your gains visible so you keep improving.

Heart Rate Detection

Inputing your heart rate drastically improves Fit's ability to calculate calories burned. Fit makes this easy by having several imput options, including simply placing your finger on the back camera of your device. Already tracking your heart rate with a heart rate sensor, an Apple Watch or another app? As long as it writes heart rate data to the Health App, Fit will automatically use that data.

For the Colorful

Fit comes with several color themes that completly change the dynamic of the app. Pick your favorite to truly customize your workout experiense.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Our app does not collect ANY personal data from your device. None. We don't even track your workflow through our app. Data synced with iCloud is stored in your private container that Apple does not allow us to read. Only you have access to your data. Your health data is stored in two locations on your device. The Health App is the first location. The other is within the Fit app itself for data the Health App doesn't store (like the number of reps you do during a lift). This data is not shared with other apps or any third parties.