Fit Walk

Whether you are just starting to make an effort to get in better shape or are a marathon athlete, Fit Walking has what you need to stay active and reach your next fitness goal.

Hit your step goals

Complications on the Apple Watch let you know how close you are to your daily step goal with a glance. And your iPhone lets you see how your steps translates into energy burned.

View your workout history

Fit Walk shows you a detailed analysis of your workouts so you can make a habbit of settings new personal records.

Apple Watch Workouts

With Watch OS 2, you can track your workout and leave your phone at home. Or take your iPhone with you and get GPS routes saved to your workout.


Know how close you are to your daily goal with a glance! Complications are available for every size category.

Encouraging Alerts

Sometimes, we need a gentile reminder to take a few steps to hit our daily goal. Fit Walk now has notifications that encourage you throughout the day.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Our app does not collect ANY personal data from your device. None. We don't even track your workflow through our app. Data synced with iCloud is stored in your private container that Apple does not allow us to read. Only you have access to your data. Your health data is stored in two locations on your device. The Health App is the first location. The other is within the Fit app itself for data the Health App doesn't store (like GPS route data). This data is not shared with other apps or any third parties.