Fit Weightlifting

Fit is your weightlifting logbook and automated calculator. It is the best way to keep track of your workout progress and reach your fitness goals.

Fit Heart

Your heart is important. Fit Heart displays vizualizations of your average heart rate over time so you can learn more about what is average for your heart.

Fit Walk

Whether you are just starting to make an effort to get in better shape or are a marathon athlete, Fit Walking has what you need to stay active and reach your next fitness goal.

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Fit Run

Displaying the most important data for a runner without the need to swipe between screens, Fit Run helps you stay on pace to reach your new personal best.

News Tiles

News Tiles is a news aggregator that presents large amounts of news a format that is easy to consume. It allows you to search for news about any topic and create collections of feeds tailored towards your interests. News Tiles can also notify you when news you are interested in is published.

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